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Heat resistant clothing

iron works,  high temperature             

Conditions of use


The external surface should be cleaned with a soft cloth or a sponge soaked in water with soap. Once the dirt has been removed, the surface should be wiped dry. Do not use solvents. Do not launder. 


The suit should be stored hanged in airy and dry rooms. The storage time is practically unlimited. If the suit got wet during usage, it must be dried. 

Damage to the suit: 

  • minor tears not exceeding 3 cm, 
  • up to three burns through the upper layer of the suit, diameter not exceeding 0.5 cm,
  • torn seams, may be repaired by the manufacturer. 

Limit damage: 

Numerous burns through the upper layer (metallised glass fibre), major tears, heavy soiling of the upper layer which are impossible to repair or remove impair the protective properties of the suit, so it must be discarded. 


 To transport containers with the suits, use dry and clean covered means of transport with a tight roof. Loading, transport and unloading should be realised under conditions which protect the suits from getting wet, soiling and damage.