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Heat resistant clothing

iron works,  high temperature             

Fireman’s heat resistant suit USC-4

The product complies with the principal safety and health requirements specified in the directive 89/686/EWG/ and the order issued by the Minister of Economy, Employment and Social Policy on March 31, 2003 regarding the basic requirements for individual protection means (Law Gazette No. 80, item 725). 

The suit complies with: PN-EN 1486:2009

Complete clothing (including all accessories) is resistant against high temperatures. Due to the reflective layer (metallised PET-foil) on the outer main fabric, the suit is able to reflect most of the heat radiation. Due to the fact that the device for testing for thermal radiation heats up to a temperature of approx. 1400 ° C, it is estimated that the clothing is resistant to radiation temperature of approx. 1200 ° C.


Top with a hood and space for a breathing apparatus; trousers; shoe protectors. The suit is packed in a special container made of metallised glass fibre with sewn handles. On the lid of the container there are instructions for the user.


The fireman’s heat-resistant suit USC-4 is used in particularly dangerous situations, like: 

  • evacuation of those who are at a particular risk from the fire zone, e.g. evacuation of the injured. 
  • necessary tasks preventing further propagation of fire or explosion, e.g. closing of a gas valve. 
  • taking fire-fighting equipment to places that could not be approached in different clothing.

Conditions of use:

Users (rescuers, fire-fighters) who are supposed to wear the suit during rescue actions must be properly trained as regards correct and possibly fast putting of the suit and its adjustment to the silhouette. The user should feel free and secure in the suit. The straps of the trousers should be adjusted lest the rescuer feel hindered during the rescue action. At least two rescuers must participate in rescue actions wearing the USC-4 suit and protecting one another. 

It is recommended to form a rescue team in the rescue and fire-fighting units, who should be trained in wearing heat radiation reflexive suit for special fire-fighting actions. Rescuers with a protective suit should have other clothing and fireman’s shoes. They also must have a breathing apparatus and a helmet. While putting the suit on, rescuers (fire-fighters) must be assisted by another person, who are familiar with the process of putting the suit on and have acquainted themselves with the user’s instructions.

The USC-4 suit must be put on in the following sequence: 

  • put on the trousers and adjust the straps so that the trousers are not too high or too low. 
  • put the shoe protectors on, zip them up, fasten the snap fasteners, and tighten up the straps above the feet. 
  • put on the breathing apparatus and adjust it. 
  • put a helmet on (if it is not a part of the suit) and adjust the straps. 
  • put the metallised top on, zip it up (upwards), fasten the band protecting the zipper with snap fasteners 
  • put the appropriate fireman’s gloves on. 

Take off the suit in reverse order. 

Time during which rescuers (fire-fighters) may have the suit on. 

Duration of the protection provided by the USC-4 suit may not be determined exactly, since it depends on specific conditions. The severity of the conditions may vary quickly and significantly. The period of protection provided by the suit will also be reduced, if the user is already burdened with previous actions. Immediately after the rescue action the user should abandon the fire zone and take the suit off in order to dissipate the heat accumulated inside the suit.


The suit is made of the following materials: 

  • metallised glass fibre,
  • non-flammable woollen fibre, 
  • non-flammable impregnated and metallised cotton fibre
  • or metallised glass fibre.

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