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ul. Długa 15B
58-521 Jeżów Sudecki

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Heat resistant clothing

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Main page

Welcome to the web page of TERMOIZOL, the manufacturer of protective heat-resistant clothing and other products made of metallised glass fibre. The company was established in 1992 and is located in Jeżów Sudecki (near Jelenia Góra - POLAND). The main products manufactured by TERMOIZOL are: 

  • Clothing for positions exposed to high temperatures related to melting and processing of steel and non-ferrous metals, such as: foundry workers, smelters, blacksmiths, welders, rolling mill operators, etc. 
  • Complete suits protecting from intense heat radiation and flames, designed particularly for fire brigades participating in special fire-fighting and rescue actions. 
  • A wide assortment of protective heat-resistant gloves. Detailed information is presented in Our products. 

The clothing is manufactured in different sizes against individual orders, whilst heat-resistant gloves are sold on a regular basis. 

Also all kinds of welding curtains, thermal shields and evacuation bags are custom-made of metallised glass fibre. Ordered goods are delivered by forwarding agents, and in the case of bigger orders by means of our own transport. 

In case of significant orders we offer discounts. 

Due to a continuous development of the plant, we are planning to launch new models of items made of metallised paraamid fibre in the nearest future. However, to a large extent it depends on the market demand for such products. 

All the products have certificates and approvals, issued by appropriate regulatory bodies.